Minicab Marshalling

We offer a professional minicab marshalling service to get you in the right cab and get you home…

The Minicab 4 You minicab marshalling service ensures our clients are seen into their correct cars and sent to their correct destination quickly and efficiently.

Illegal touting by unknown, random drivers, looking for quick and easy business (those drivers being licensed private hire drivers or otherwise) is an all too common affair and so our minicab marshals are there to ensure you do not fall prey to these unwanted and potentially dangerous approaches.

Your safety is our primary concern!

It’s also the marshal’s job to assign cars to waiting clients in the correct order and therefore avoid potential misunderstandings over who should be next for pick up.

To find out more about our minicab marshalling service, call us today on 020 7613 3333 to make an enquiry.