Accounts- Terms of Use



We, MiniCAB4YOU, mentioned from hereto as the “Company”, hereby reserve the right to decline any bookings or jobs we feel does not meet with our standards and Terms and Conditions.

We also reserve the right not to provide an explanation as to why the booking or job is declined.


Any bookings made by You, shall be deemed an offer by You to purchase the relevant product, subject to these booking conditions. No Contract between YOU and the Company shall come into force until the Company accepts the booking. All contracts with the company and all the matters arising from them are subject to English Law and to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of England and Wales. The authorized person who makes the booking accepts these conditions on behalf of all the authorized persons of the account holder and is responsible for all payments due to from the party. Booking services with the Company are currently only available to persons who are over 18 years old and are named as an authorized person by the account holding company with these arrangements.



Invoicing and Payments


Any bookings made hereby are subject to being invoiced on a weekly / fortnightly or monthly basis depending on the Companies arrangement with the account holder and the Company shall expect to receive the payment within two weeks of the relevant invoice date.


MiniCAB4YOU reserves the right and shall exercise the following:


1)    All invoices will be subject to 10% administration charge from the total invoice amount.

2)    All prices to the relevant destinations will be calculated as per price the list given to the account holder.

3)    Any last minute cancellations are subject to a minimum cancellation fee of £10 unless the booking is cancelled in advance I.E. the night before if morning booking or at least a minimum of 2 hours prior.

4)    Any incurring waiting time is subject to a charge of £20 per hour an this will be reflected on the invoice as waiting time(w/t).

5)    Apart from the Congestion charge any other road tolls or charges will be reflected in the invoice and will be plainly explained.

 6)    Any late payments are subject to a 10% penalty charge for re-issuing and administration costs.

7)    Re-occurrence of late payments are subject to terminations and loss of deposit.


All payments due have to be made payable to MiniCAB4YOU and must be in form of a company cheque.


There will be a set up deposit prior to opening an account of 50% of the agreed terms of payment which is refundable after settlement of last invoice upon termination of contract.



Our fleet


Our drivers are licensed by the Public Carriage Office and are reliable.


Our office premises have also been confirmed and licensed by the Public Carriage Office and our license number is 04180/01/01.this number can be used as a reference for our Company.



Pricing Policy


All fares and other information given are subject to availability. All our prices are from Pick-up Point to Destination, and a quotation for the journey can be given on request by the account holders authorized person.



Special Requirements


Any special requests, such as wheelchair access, estate or m.p.v, should be made at the time of the booking, and we will do our best to fulfill these requests as they cannot be guaranteed, you will be informed of this at time of the booking.


Final words


The contract constituted by the Company’s acceptance of your booking subject to these Conditions shall constitute the entire arrangements between you and the Company in relation to the relevant booking, shall exclude all other terms and conditions (except for the relevant supplier’s conditions and any application international conventions) and shall supersede all prior or contemporaneous  communication or information provided.